My first week with a Fitbit

I resisted getting a Fitbit for a long time, guys. A long time.

“I don’t need that!” I said (which is still true, nobody *needs* a Fitbit)

“I already had a fitness tracker and I stopped using it!” I said (I had a JawboneUP that I used when I was walking everywhere in New York; I stopped using it when I moved home and was free to hit the gym 2-3 hours a day, every day, and move around all the time because… unemployed)

“The calorie counts are inaccurate!” I said (ok so don’t eat back calories burned, like you…already don’t. Solid logic, me)

“I don’t like things on my wrist!” I said (while plucking at the hair tie that lives on my wrist)

But I knew they were helpful, and knew that lots of people love theirs, and knew that they had those sweet sweet group challenges to motivate you. So when I saw they were on sale, I got curious. And after 2 hours of research, I got one – a Charge2.

I finally joined team #fitbit(ch)

What have I learned in the first week of wearing one? Some things.

  1. I AM SEDENTARY AS ALL H*CK. Literally the first day of wearing the Fitbit (Monday) when I got buzzed every hour to do 250 steps, I got annoyed. I was like ‘People move THAT much?!’ I could go easily 4 hours without getting up. For any reason. I thought, “Oh yeah, I go to the gym for an hour 5x a week, I’m fairly active” but no, my good bitch, no. That means I’m active for 4% of the day. At the gym. The rest of the time? Sitting. In my car, at my desk, on my bed. Sitting. Just sitting.
  2. 250 steps (the amount you’re supposed to do each hour to hit your hourly goals) is really not much. That’s from my desk to the office kitchen 3 times. 2 trips in an hour and I’m set. The first day it felt IMPOSSIBLE, but I got over that quickly.
  3. I’m not as competitive as I thought. I’m in all the challenges I can be, but I just let the chips fall where they may. I don’t try hard to beat anyone (maybe because I don’t *know* the people in the challenges? Hmmm…)
  4. I sleep like shit. 51 minutes awake? Bish where? What was I doing? The fuck? Lay your ass down and sleep, it’s sleep time. Also: going to bed at 11 PM is not acceptable. I know I have to be up at 5 AM. I cannot cram 8 hours of sleep into a 6 hour window, period.
  5. 10,000 steps a day isn’t really all that hard – if I’m active. Saturdays? No that is my lay in bed day. Other days? No excuses girl move ya ass.
  6. I really like knowing my resting heart rate. I know when I was fat, I took my pulse pretty often out of curiosity and my resting rate was usually in the upper 80s or low 90s (that’s high af). Now it’s high 50s/low 60s. HUGE. IMPROVEMENT.

So those are my take aways from my first week with a fitbit. Nothing revolutionary, but hey! Whatever.

OK now how much longer before I can buy this shirt without looking like a ~poseur

PS – many of you have asked! This is the shiny pretty metal rainbow band that I got for my Fitbit. It has a magnetic closure that means you can adjust it to like, any size imaginable, and I LOVE IT. It doesn’t irritate my wrist, it doesn’t get all gross when I’m working out, and it looks like a fancy watch instead of a ~fitness tracker~

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