Alright, I’ve been getting this question a lot, so here’s the fast explanation to the question “WHAT’S A REFEED DAY?”

On Friday, I did my first refeed day – instead of my usual rest day calories, I ate slightly above maintenance calories. About 700 extra calories.


1) I was getting hungry from being in a sustained deficit for 6+ weeks

2) The scale had been bouncing around in the same 3 pound range for about 2 weeks and I was getting antsy

3) I was noticing more frequent binge urges and temptation

4) I wasn’t progressing in some of my lifts, and was getting fatigued easier from cardio

So: refeed.

But what IS a refeed? Here’s a great article about it (it’s not keto-oriented so the carb talk is a little off, but the basics are the same), but essentially: just fucking eating more for a day to refuel your body, send the message that Hey! You’re not starving! There is food available! It’s all good, fam. And reset your hunger + satiety cues

What it wasn’t:

– A cheat day. I kept my carbs under 30g net, just ate more fat and protein. There was no pizza, no bread, no cheats. Still keto, just more food.

– A binge. Everything was planned – I logged everything beforehand in MyFitnessPal and stuck to it. I wasn’t eating for the sake of eating – I was eating with a purpose. There was no frantic, out-of-control desire to keep going. I ate, I stopped eating, the end.

– A carb-up. I’ve done (one or two) carb ups, and this wasn’t one. I kept my total and net carbs low, and just added more fat and protein. When I do a carb up, I keep my fat low and raise carbs and protein.

So that’s the quick and dirty basics on refeeds! I’m going to use them strategically and experiment with how often to refeed – probably no more than once or maybe twice a month. I’m going on vacation at the end of August and will likely be eating at less of a deficit then, so I’ve done my one refeed for the month ๐Ÿ˜Š vacation will be…an extended refeed ๐Ÿ˜…

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