Making changes – and breaking up with Diet Coke (again)

Let’s shake things up, shall we?

Lately, instead of being a stress-eater, I’ve become a stress-Diet-Coke-drinker. Fewer calories, yes, but…. ultimately, I’m starting to question its efficacy. It doesn’t magically fix my stress; it doesn’t actually make me feel better; and every single time I’ve binged in the last month… guess what I’d had that day? Yup. Diet Coke.
Now, I’m not saying that Diet Coke causes bingeing. Buuuuut for me personally, it seems like my brain has established a stress -> Diet Coke -> binge pattern, and I want to break it. I’ve been drinking more seltzer waters lately – I really do like carbonation (and I’m trying to nut up and buy myself a carbonator, but that $$$ startup cost is intimidating. Maybe next paycheck…) – and I ordered some stevia glycerite to see if I can beck back into the stevia-sweetened life. I did ok with it for dairy-free February. There’s an adjustment period while you get weaned off artificial sweeteners and your taste buds adjust back to the stevia taste (pls stop trying to bullshit me into believing there’s a magic brand with NO taste. There really isn’t; I can taste it. I just get used to the taste after a while). I’m hoping that less artificially sweetened stuff will lead to fewer Diet Coke cravings and help with the bingeing. I also need to develop better stress habits, ofc, but let’s start with this.

Another change: raising my calories a little bit for a while. I get bingey when my head *feels* too deprived, so raising my calorie limit for the time being – with the knowledge that I don’t have to eat all those calories if I don’t need them, but they’re there if I do – will hopefully help. Once I have a few solid binge-free weeks under my belt, I can tinker with my deficit amount again.

So that’s where I’m at right now! Trying to find things that work, experimenting with cutting out things that don’t, etc. I’m not saying NO to Diet Coke or artificial sweeteners forever… just trying to really limit them for the time being. Definitely no Diet Coke for the rest of the month, though.


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